Summertone was established twenty four years ago by Terry Summers who has fifty five years’ experience in the Film, Audio and Magnetic Stripe Industry. He identified a need for a small specialist Company offering expertise in several areas:

  1. Banknote Security systems for English & European Banknotes.  Photovox VERIFIVE & PHOTOSMART
  2. Magnetic heads and head relapping, together with associated electronics.
  3. Film projectors for Preview and Dubbing theatres.  Sondor NOVA 35mm & 16mm film projectors
  4. ALTRA tele-cine for archival film transfer.  Sondor Altra tele-cine
  5. Magnetic and Optical film sound machines for dubbing, optical transfer, print checking and tele-cine following.  Sondor OMA-E
  6. Archive film restoration.
  7. RESONANCES-The Sondor optical sound reader for archive film negative & positive reading & retrieval
  8. Magnetic Test Films by Sondor
  9. Publication of a Specialist book on Old Cottage Dolls

To give this service, Summertone has formed relationships with other specialist equipment manufacturers and is the UK and Ireland Agent for Sondor (Switzerland) NOVA film projectors, ALTRA Tele-Cine and magnetic recorders and RESONANCES archival optical sound readers.

Summertone is the UK and Ireland agent for Photovox srl (Italy), the magnetic head manufacturer and banknote security specialist company, supplying their banknote counterfeit detectors, the PHOTOSMART for £s and Euro notes, and the VERIFIVE for Euro notes only.