Summertone was established thirty years ago by Terry Summers who has over fifty five years’ experience in the Film, Audio and Magnetic Stripe Industry. He identified a need for a small specialist Company offering expertise in several areas, including:

  1. Magnetic head re-profile and re-lapping
  2. Magnetic heads for sale from stock
  3. UK agent for Photovox srl (Head manufacturer), Italy
  4. Archive film restoration
  5. Publication of a Specialist book on Old Cottage Dolls

To give this service, Summertone has formed relationships with other specialist equipment manufacturers and is the UK and Ireland Agent for Photovox Head manufacturer and Digital Film Technology (dft).

The alliance with Digital Film Technology was formed in December 2016 after they acquired the precision Swiss image and sound digitization company Sondor (Switzerland). Product ranges for Sondor will remain available under this new arrangement.